Core Facility Management and Administration Division


 This division coordinates and manages activities related to the maintenance, management, and operation of equipment and shared use of equipment in the divisions and centers of the Core Facility Center. It also collects and analyzes information on the progress of these activities and information on shared use of equipment at research sites, and reports to the Strategic Planning Council for Research Infrastructure Development.
 The division also manages and coordinates the Working-level Conference consisting of representatives from each division and center to share information on equipment maintenance, management, operation, and shared use in a timely manner among the parties concerned, leading to prompt responses.
 In addition to the on-campus support described above, we are also responsible for outreach activities related to the University's equipment, and help promote shared use of equipment with external research institutions.
 In collaboration with the Shared Use System Management Division, we systematically collect and analyze information on the maintenance, management, and operation of equipment, as well as information on shared use in general, and explore which equipment the University should maintain or update, and how to effectively operate it. In the future, we will deepen our analysis by linking this information with research information, and use the results of this analysis to contribute to the design and formulation of plans for equipment maintenance and renewal at the University.